The revolution has started, and we must all now emphasise that these fashion houses sustainability should be under extreme scrutiny. However, sustainability mainly focuses on brands ethically sourcing components and raw materials, in addition to this, recycling products and of course reducing environmental impact. This message is vital, long overdue and requires immediate attention. We believe that there is still a segment of sustainability that many are not fully taking into consideration. No matter how sustainable and consciously sourced components and products are, there will always be unsold and damaged stock, this is almost inescapable, and with this stock, even if it is biodegradable and subsequently destroyed, most disposal scenarios will result in some type of environmental impact. It is important that brands not only project their understanding of environmental issues and wastage of unsold product to the public, but, I believe, very necessary to show that there is social awareness and we all need to do more to help the less privileged and underappreciated members of our society.

This is where Grattitude is unique. Grattitude will modify or repair to as new luxury standards these items and make them available to our members. By accomplishing this we will reduce landfill and carcinogens caused by incineration, we will also help to fulfil a much-needed debt, a way of saying thank you to those who help us in our everyday lives when we most need them most, the key & volunteer workers, our members. So, rewarding key & volunteer workers is at the heart of what we exist for. But there’s more. Our factory is a non-profit, social enterprise, they support the fashion and clothing industry by providing the lifeblood of new talent with opportunities to become members of the industry, giving people who want to turn their lives around by educating, mentoring, providing apprenticeships to better themselves and becoming part of a creative and artistic business.

Finally, we will be donating a portion of our profits to grass roots charities and social enterprise. It’s very important we concentrate on grass roots organisations. These are the projects that are on the ground level of our communities, that implement real change in where we live, the charities without highly paid management, flashy offices, or unrealistic expenses, the projects where the money reaches the people that really need it, this and only this affects real change to the issues that are right at our front doors. These are the people we want to help and must help. To change the world, we have to build upon a strong foundation, because only with a strong foundation can you truly build upon. With our partner fashion houses, our factory and you, our members, can we actually change the world, starting in our local communities. This is a project that will not only be affective in the UK, we will spread throughout Europe and the other continents to actually change the world.

  • Grattitude pledge to always be transparent, if you ask us a question we will answer in honestly.
  • We pledge to help the community is anyway we can.
  • We will always employ equal opportunities in every aspect of our company.
  • We promise to never use tax avoidance schemes.
  • We will carefully and ethically consider all decisions of running our company in order to help the environment and provide the maximum donation amounts to grass roots charities and social projects.
  • To become a Certified B corporation starting with Pending B Corp status for our 1st 12 months
  • We promise to do our best